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Forbes Says C-Suite LinkedIn Activity Is 'An Incredible Opportunity to reduce recruiting costs'.

The biggest draw for working for Tesla and Space-X is Elon Musk. 

He’s the most famous C-suite exec on the planet. However, the same is true for many global corporations. The biggest draw for joining Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffett. The biggest appeal to working at Open AI Sam Altman.

These leaders know it too.


The same is true for thousands of C-suite executives around the world, who are largely oblivious to their influence and power as micro influencers.

Another study, XXX cited that XX of prospective employees checked out the LinkedIn feeds of senior leadership before applying, and over 93% of investors do the same.

These same executives sign off on multi-million dollar recruitment campaigns, but the approach is often bottom up.

They increasingly lean on user generated content from ‘normal’ employees to engage prospects.

But what about the vision? The mission? The purpose?

That comes from the top.

Put it this way. A TikTok from Joe Bloggs in accounts is never going to have the same impact as an inspiring post by a CTO, talking about their energy and passion for the company’s vision.

If the 12 most senior execs at corporate firms were to triple their output, the result would outstrip millions of ad spend in brand positioning. 


Helping A QSR franchisor add $115,000 MRR In 90 Days.

(With a consistent method to build a pipeline of leads)

We helped a restaurant franchisor in the US attract individuals with enough liquid capital towards their business model, connecting prospects with their dream business and driving additional investment for the franchise.  

Working with A FinTech Startup to x7 their Users.

(Fulfilling the first stage in their pilot scheme)​

We connected their product with a unique section of users, designed to use their product to test less traditional revenue schemes and let audiences access educational content in a unique way.

Booking A Digital Consultancy 53 Sales Calls In 45 Days.

(Purely through cold email)​

Any B2B business with a service offer is probably best served using cold email. We prospected their audience, and delivered cold emails to key decision makers, offering a concrete benefit based on this agency’s existing case studies.  

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