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Connecting businesses with investors, Sponsors, clients & Customers.

Forty Bricks has a track record of accelerating growth for B2B clients across different industries. We work to solve difficult problems, connecting founders and owners with hard-to-find opportunities in their niche.

Helping A QSR franchisor add $115,000 MRR In 90 Days.

(With a consistent method to build a pipeline of leads)

We helped a restaurant franchisor in the US attract individuals with enough liquid capital towards their business model, connecting prospects with their dream business and driving additional investment for the franchise.  

Helping a digital agency in the US x7 their leads.

(Outreaching their target audience at scale with a new offer)

We connected their product with a unique section of users. We relaunched their high-ticket offer and profiled their target audience to create new opportunities in their niche.

Helping a global consultancy increase web visitors by 250k.

(Leading to a record number of clicks to their offer)

We conducted a site-wide audit, selecting themes that would play with large segments of their audiences. Turning this into landing page offer copy, as well as micro influencer campaigns, we drove record traffic to their site.